Honeywell access control systems

Honeywell HON_FIN4000 Series Compact Fingerprint Device

Honeywell HON_FIN4000 Series

Compact Fingerprint Readers

Equipped with advanced fingerprint recognition technology and top hardware configuration, the device provides class-leading performance which brings unparalleled user experience and high security level of protection to customer.

The device can effectively identify common fake fingerprints by featuring advanced fingerprint detection function. With large memory, the device supports up to 100,000 users (one fingerprint per user) that makes it suitable for large traffic flow scenarios. Meanwhile, the device supports both low frequency 125kHz and high frequency 13.56MHz cards to meet the needs of different users and scenarios, adding flexibility to the system design.



Proximity Card Readers

Honeywell’s OmniProx™ family is a complete line of 125 kHz HID compatible proximity readers that deliver outstanding and consistent performance in a small package with attractive styling and colors to fit any décor.

All OmniProx™ readers (except the OP90) include three bezels: black, charcoal gray, and ivory and are constructed with rugged polycarbonate materials potted for both indoor and outdoor applications.

The OmniProx™ family of readers combines unique functionality, high-quality engineering, and design for a variety of applications in the electronic access control market.

OmniProx™ readers offer superb reliability and consistent read range. Installation is simple and fast with a mounting template included in all models.

Increased security functions like optical tamper and security screw prevent unauthorized users from removing the reader from the wall or attempting to compromise the system.

For locations that require a proximity reader to be able to withstand vandal-prone environments, the OP90 vandal-resistant reader is an ideal choice.


OmniClass™ 2.0

Contactless Smart Card Readers

OmniClass from Honeywell is a range of 13.56 MHz contactless secure smart card readers that offers superb reliability, consistent read range and ease of installation. They are available in several sizes and each OmniClass reader incorporates smart card technology allowing the user to support biometric profiles and multiple applications on each card simultaneously.

OmniClass can retro-fit any Wiegand output reader, including standard HID® or Honeywell proximity readers. Smart card technology is ideally suited for access control, logical (PC) access, storage of biometric templates, parking, secure ID’s with embedded tamper-proof digital photos, ePurse and many other applications requiring secure and reliable read/write cards.

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